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Industry Solutions

While all TPS® products are basically cross-industry, there are a few that are more suited for specific industries.

The Retail/Wholesale distribution industry has been the impetus behind the boom in e-commerce and B-to-B communications. Two TPS® products, TPS®/NFM and TPS®/NTM, work exceedingly well in the distribution industry. However, they are also very functional in any organization with file distribution and gathering requirements and/or message switching requirements. These two TPS® products provide an inexpensive means of moving data quickly and securely among users, customers, vendors, and business partners.

TPS®/NFM (NetWork File Manager) is a multi-faceted file distribution and file gathering system that works with multiple protocols and gives the user extreme flexibility in scheduling and tracking the distribution and gathering. Unlike other client/server products, NFM allows the clients to talk to one another on a peer-to-peer basis without returning to the server where data must be stored on a temporary repository before being routed to its final destination. This also gives the user the ability to offload distribution and gathering from their mainframe to a server thus re-claiming utilization on the host.

The second product, TPS®/NTM (NetWork Transaction Manager), is a real-time message switch which offers an easily manageable solution to the problem of sending transactions or messages from application to application between different hardware and software systems utilizing multiple protocols. NTM interfaces with POS applications to move credit card authorizations, real-time inventory updates, and similar items. This client/server system provides an easily accessible API to interface with existing POS applications. Thus, it can be integrated into a current system to meet the growing needs of being able to communicate with a variety of systems and protocols.

TPS® has developed a product, TPS®/PCA, that fit the needs of the Banking industry. This solution fills a void for banks that have SNA or legacy protocol devices they wish to keep in place, but have a need to go to a TCP/IP protocol for processing. TPS®/PCA (Protocol Conversion Application) was written specifically for the banking industry. It is a UNIX®-based gateway and protocol converter between SNA devices and TPC/IP networks. Because TPS®/PCA has a PU4/5 capability, it can function as a pseudo mainframe and actually drive the ATM network. PCA is deployed by banks to manage SNA-based ATMs connecting to mainframes or UNIX® platforms through TCP/IP socket networks.

TPS® is committed to continue to provide industry-specific solutions such as these. With our many years of connectivity experience, TPS® is open to discuss future solutions with companies requiring specific connectivity issues.

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