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Protocol Solutions

With the multitude of platforms, operating systems, application packages, and communication protocols existing in today’s business world, there are numerous connectivity issues among differing protocols that must be resolved. TPS® has been in the connectivity business for over twenty- three years. Our staff has worked with every type of hardware imaginable from PCs to Series 1s to UNIX® platforms to mainframes and this encompasses all of the hardware manufacturers. One of the areas relating to connectivity that TPS® has excelled in is protocol conversion. The TPS® staff has written protocol converters for general needs as well as for specific problems. Since the staff is so well versed in this area, they can definitely work with you to resolve any problems you may have in moving data and other resources through multiple protocols.

One example of what TPS® has done in this area is TPS®/PCA. PCA is a protocol conversion solution that can be modified to solve specific conversion requirements. The focus of PCA is to take SNA traffic and convert it to TCP/IP and vice-versa. PCA has been modified to handle various types of financial transactions by a number of financial-based firms. It has been used in a number of instances to drive an SNA ATM network and feed the ATM traffic into an IP network.

TPS®/NFM and TPS®/NTM are other products that have the ability to convert data from one protocol to another. NFM allows users to transfer files and other resources using various protocols simultaneously. NTM utilizes the same protocol conversion methodology in moving real-time messages and transactions from application to application. This ability to work with multiple protocols concurrently is a great asset if you are migrating from one protocol to another or if you have to interface with vendors, customers, or business partners that have differing protocols from yours. In addition, both NFM and NTM, as well as PCA, have data reformatting capabilities and run on multiple platforms and OSs.

These are a few examples of the products TPS® currently has to offer. If there is not a product that meets your specific needs, let’s talk. With our experience, the odds are extremely good that TPS® can help you.

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