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Network Management

Network Management has become a hot issue. However, TPS® Systems, Inc. has been developing Network Management Solutions for over 15 years. It was an important issue for us then as it is now. TPS® has products that run the gamut from File Distribution, Message Switching, TCP/IP based Remote Job Entry, and Training and Productivity Enhancements. These products have been designed to be cost-effective; easy-to-manage solutions needed to enhance the productivity of the network. All of the products run on UNIX®, Linux®, and Windows® platforms and interface well with mainframe/host systems

The products most widely used are TPS®/NFM, TPS®/WebFM, TPS®/NTM, and TPS®/MIX.

TPS®/NFM (NetWork File Manager) is a Netview-like client/server system designed to distribute and gather files and resources throughout a network. The client supports multiple OSs such as UNIX®, Linux®, Windows®, and JAVA, as well as multiple protocols. This browser-based solution gives the user an easy-to-use means of scheduling and tracking the movement of files and other resources throughout the network. This capability can be expanded to interface with vendors, customers, and business partners making it an inexpensive e-commerce tool.

TPS®/WebFM (Web File Manager) is a full-featured enterprise/network web-based file distribution and transfer system packed with many options including a secure, easy to use web-based transfer portal, file tracking and extensive auditing capabilities. This portal allows any user, inside your network or via the Internet, with a user account to send data securely into your company’s back-office enterprise system through any Java-enabled web browser, without the need to install any additional client software or overhaul your company’s security model.

TPS®/NTM (NetWork Transaction Manager) provides an easily manageable, real-time solution to the problem of sending real-time transactions and messages throughout your multi-platform enterprise. This browser-based solution has an easy-to-use API that allows users to interface existing applications such as POS. Since NTM is real-time, it provides the user the ability to do such things as credit card authorization and inventory updates.

TPS®/MIX (Multi-session Interactive Executive) has many functions. It allows help desk personnel to "take over" an end-user's session to resolve problems, and to provide remedial training. It also allows ASCII-type terminal users to run multiple windows-like sessions simultaneously and "jump" between sessions. A number of retail firms use this product extensively.

TPS® is dedicated to find inexpensive solutions that will greatly enhance and simplify the management of the ever increasing and expanding role of networks. If you have a need for software in this area, please contact us. We have the experience and talent to solve your problem.

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