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TPS®/BSC SUPPORT is a feature-rich software product that enables Binary Synchronous Communications (BSC) on an IBM® AIX® system. The product implements an API and a set of C functions allowing an application to control a BSC line. The BSC protocol may be either ASCII or EBCDIC. The API contains the basic open, close, read, and write facilities, and includes read and write commands that handle message block transmission handshaking. The product also has the ability to establish a point-to-point connection by sending or accepting a bid with a single command. TPS®/ BSC SUPPORT can be used to write applications using a point-to-point or multipoint BSC line.

TPS®/ BSC SUPPORT is a shared library that can be accessed by multiple programs on a single machine. It handles multiple BSC ports on the same synchronous adapter or on multiple adapters. There is no logical limit placed on the number of ports accessed by the TPS®/ BSC SUPPORT product. TPS®/ BSC SUPPORT does not take control of every port on a multiport co-processor card, and the other ports may be used for other types of communications such as SDLC or ASYNC lines.

TPS®/ BSC SUPPORT implements an API allowing an application to control a BSC line. The API contains basic open, close, read write facilities.


  • Supports both point-to-point and multipoint connections
  • Supports dial-up or leased lines
  • Simple API with the BSC bid handled with a single command
  • V.25 auto-dial capable
  • EBCDIC or ASCII control character support
  • Transparent data capability
  • Supports multiple ports and multiple co-processor cards
  • Shared library implementation – easily upgradeable without relinking or recompiling
  • Proven solution – in production throughout the world
  • From TPS® Systems — with 25+ year tradition of excellence in providing network software and support for large global enterprises


TPS®/ BSC SUPPORT is an ideal solution for either:

  • Creating applications to communicate with:
    • Legacy 2780/3780 BSC systems
    • Legacy 3270 BSC system
  • Porting legacy BSC applications onto an IBM® AIX® system


Protocol Support

TPS®/ BSC SUPPORT handles EBCDIC and ASCII protocols:

    - 8-bit data/no parity
    - Transparent 8-bit data
    - 7-bit data/odd parity
    - Transparent 7-bit data

TPS®/ BSC SUPPORT, along with the device driver and synchronous adapter, can handle inserting and removing BSC control information -- allowing the application to just handle the data. Also, TPS®/ BSC SUPPORT will handle all necessary standard protocol handshaking. The application still has the capability to format its own outgoing BSC messages and handle handshaking, if required.

V.25 Auto-dial

TPS®/BSC SUPPORT allows a user application to submit a V.25 auto-dial command to a modem when starting a connection. This allows a user application to connect to different locations simply by changing the phone number in the auto-dial command string. This feature requires a modem supporting the V.25 protocol.

Communications Co-Processor Card Support

Environment with ARTIC960Hx Card:

  • Supports multiple:

    - Synchronous ports per co-processor card
    - Co-processor cards per system
  • Other protocols (i.e., SDLC, ASYNC) can run on other ports of the same co-processor card
  • Maximums:

    - Line Speed: 56 Kb
    - Frame Size: 4090 bytes


BSC Support Sales Brochure
BSC Support General Information

14100 San Pedro Ave
Suite 600
San Antonio, TX 78232-4399
Phone: (210) 496-1984
Fax: (210) 490-6805

Contact me

Operating System:

   IBM® AIX®
  pSeries (32-bit)

Other Requirements:

An IBM®/RadiSys® ARTIC960Hx co-preocessor card and device driver

Evaluation copies of TPS® software products are available for a pre-specified time frame under the terms and conditions of the single-page TPS® Evaluation Agreement.

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