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TPS®/ 2780 / 3780 ( Binary Synchronous Communications ) allows an IBM® AIX® system to exchange data with other systems using the 2780 / 3780 batch mode communications protocol. While conforming to published 2780 / 3780 specifications, this software product contains many additional features for ease-of-use and enhanced functionality. TPS®/ 2780 / 3780 ( BSC ) is a reliable, time-proven product in production at locations throughout the world.

TPS®/ 2780 / 3780 ( BSC ) is a reliable, time-proven product in production at hundreds of locations throughout the world. TPS®/ 2780 / 3780 ( BSC ) is a command line-driven application that can be executed by a user or automated -- via shell scripts and/or other user programs. Multiple program copies can execute concurrently on a single machine.

TPS®/ 2780 / 3780 along with TPS®/ BSC SUPPORT allows a system to exchange data with other systems using the 2780 / 3780 batch mode communications protocol.


  • Supports both RS-232 or V.35 connections
  • Supports switched and leased lines
  • Supports V.25 auto-dial
  • Supports EBCDIC or ASCII control characters
  • EBCDIC to/from ASCII translation option
  • Supports VRC/LRC (ASCII) or CRC16 (EBCDIC) error checking
  • Supports user-defined translation tables
  • Supports transparent data
  • Supports standard 2780/3780 blank compression
  • Can transfer multiple files with a single command
  • Supports external clocking up to 56Kb
  • User-definable time-out and retry values
  • BSC block sizes up to 4090 bytes
  • Allows multiple records per BSC block
  • Supports variable or fixed size records
  • Can execute scripts between file transfers
  • Option of automatically padding records
  • Option to automatically add record separators
  • Supports multiple synchronous communication adapters
  • Multiple program copies can execute simultaneously
  • Provides a trace facility for logging activity and simplified problem determination
  • From TPS® Systems — with 25+ year tradition of excellence in providing network software and support for large global enterprises


TPS®/ 2780 / 3780 (BSC) is an ideal solution for either:

  • Allows an IBM® AIX® system to communicate with legacy 2780 / 3780 BSC systems
  • Porting legacy 2780 / 3780 BSC applications onto an IBM® AIX® system



Protocol Support

    TPS®/ 2780 / 3780 (BSC) currently supports the 2780 and 3780 batch file transfer protocol in both EBCDIC and ASCII. Those subsystems can provide:

    • Standard 2780 and 3780 batch file transfer protocol
      - Single or multiple records per block
      - Standard IRS character recognized
      - Standard blank compression
    • EBCDIC
      - 8-bit data/no parity
      - Transparent 8-bit data
    • ASCII
      - 7-bit data/odd parity
      - Transparent 7-bit data

    When used with the prerequisite software and hardware described below, TPS®/ 2780 / 3780 (BSC) can handle the transmission of files to and from a remote 2780 or 3780 BSC station. It, along with TPS®/ BSC SUPPORT, will handle all necessary standard protocol handshaking.

V.25 Auto-Dial

TPS®/ 2780 / 3780 (BSC) allows the application to submit a V.25 auto-dial command to a V.25-capable modem when starting a connection. This allows the application to connect to different locations simply by changing the phone number in the auto-dial command string.

Communication Co-processor Card Support

  • Supports multiple ARTIC960Hx cards per system.
  • Supports multiple ports per adapter.
  • Allows other protocols (i.e., SDLC, ASYNC) to be used on other ports of the same adapter.
  • Maximums: - Line Speed: 56 Kb - Frame Size: 4,090 bytes

2780/3780 Sales Brochure

14100 San Pedro Ave
Suite 600
San Antonio, TX 78232-4399
Phone: (210) 496-1984
Fax: (210) 490-6805

Contact me

Operating System:

   IBM® AIX®
     pSeries (32-bit)


An IBM/RadiSys ARTIC960Hx co-processor card and device driver

TPS®/ BSC Support

Evaluation copies of TPS® software products are available for a pre-specified time frame under the terms and conditions of the single-page TPS® Evaluation Agreement.

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